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Infraon's Fixed Asset
Management Benefits

Track and manage fixed asset inventory

FAMS can help organizations track their fixed assets' location, condition, and usage. This can help organizations ensure that their assets are used efficiently and effectively. 

Automate fixed asset management processes

FAMS can automate many manual tasks involved in fixed asset management, such as tracking depreciation, generating reports, and managing maintenance schedules. It also frees up staff time to focus on more strategic tasks. 

Improve fixed asset compliance

FAMS can help organizations comply with accounting and tax regulations related to fixed assets. It can help organizations to avoid costly penalties and fines. 

What is a Fixed Assets Management System?

Fixed assets are the tangible, long-term assets a business owns and uses to generate revenue. They can include equipment, vehicles, furniture, and real estate. Fixed assets are essential to a business's operations but can represent a significant investment. A fixed assets management system (FAMS) can help businesses manage their fixed assets more effectively and efficiently. A FAMS can track fixed assets' location, condition, and value and their maintenance and depreciation schedules.

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Feature Highlights

Fixed Asset Lifecycle Management

Make your fixed asset ecosystem more audit-ready by digitizing all your fixed asset records. It will make it easy to monitor and quickly retrieve all the information you need about your assets.

Accelerate Fixed Asset Onboarding with Automated Approvals

Automate the approval process for new fixed assets to accelerate the speed at which you can on-board them. It will free up your team to focus on other essential tasks. 

Maintain a Single Source of Truth for Fixed Asset Visibility 

Get a complete view of your fixed asset availability, performance, and maintenance with a single source of truth. It will help you make better decisions based on data-rich insights. 

Reduce Manual Workflows with Fixed Asset Tagging 

Save time and money by tagging your fixed assets with barcoding, RFID, or GPS technology. It will significantly reduce manual inventory and reconciliation workflows.  

Drive Enterprise-Wide Compliance with Fixed Asset Standards

Stay updated with the latest fixed asset accounting standards and regulations to ensure enterprise-wide compliance.  

Uncover Valuable Insights with Fixed Asset Reporting

Generate customizable reports to unearth valuable insights about your fixed assets based on usage data. It can be used to make better asset management and investment decisions. 

Fixed asset lifecycle management process

Fixed asset lifecycle management (FALM) manages fixed assets throughout their entire life cycle, from
acquisition to disposal. FALM software can help businesses automate and streamline many of the tasks
associated with FALM, such as asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and depreciation reporting.

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